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Following his career as a musician, singer and stand-up comedian in the United States,

Alfonso Vilallonga was guided into soundtracks by the hand of Isabel Coixet, composing the music to her films and documentaries.  Alfonso has composed the music to films such as “Mi vida sin mí”, “A los que aman” and “Cosas que nunca te dije” (Isabel Coixet),“Horas de Luz” (Manolo Matjí, 2004), “Princesas” (Fernando León, 2005) and “Transsiberian” (Brad Anderson, 2008).

As well as soundtracks, this versatile artist has published seven recordings of his own song material, he has composed music and lyrics for musical theatre and he has also performed as an actor on several occasions.

Alfonso Vilallonga is a composer with his own style and personality who has a wide and rich range of experience.


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